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St. Christopher’s School has a proud history of Boarding. The bulk of our boarders are of Secondary school age, from 11-18 years old. Our boarding facility caters for students from Year 5 and above which is from 9 years of age. Boarding can be undertaken on a weekly or full time basis, and we also can provide special time period opportunities that may tie in with parents having to travel overseas on business.

The Hamilton Boarding House at St Christopher`s has been in existence since 1998. It is one of its kind; fostering a secure, safe and comfortable environment with clear behaviour expectations, along with a variety of activities after school and weekends. All this makes the Hamilton house a successful part of the school.

The Hamilton house has a capacity for nearly 120 boarders with two wings; one for boys and one for girls. Each wing has a common room, satellite television and DVD. The bed-rooms accommodate four students with every room containing its own en-suit bathroom.

The younger children are given preferential academic and pastoral attention by the boarding staff, ensuring that they are assisted with their homework, check and sign diaries and ensure they are comfortable. The staff is also always available for private confidential meetings with the students. The senior Head of Boarding on site has an open door policy for the boarding staff and the students.

The teaching staff is always available after school to offer support and assistance to any boarding students, especially during the time leading up to examinations. Those in Key stage 3 are assigned senior students to mentor them in some subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences and English to foster the schools ethos of family. At designated time, the Library and computer facilities are open to the boarders after school and weekends.

During the week a suitable schedule is organized to ensure students manage their time properly, giving priority to homework. Homework and prep sessions are compulsory from Monday to Thursday in the evening. Prep sessions are held in designated prep rooms where students are supervised. Devotions that are student led are held from Monday to Thursday after preps. Friday evenings are dedicated to pastoral time and censured T.V watching.

A variety of activities are available at weekends which include; many sports, tournaments, swimming, cinema, talent evenings, debates, quiz competitions, educational day trips and weekend challenge, cultural show and Fun day activities.

Students are forbidden to leave the school premises without written permission from the teacher/s on duty. Day and night guards and security alarms ensure tight security is observed in the school.

The medical clinic has a qualified nurse who is always available to attend to the students` medical problems. As well, the school has two water boreholes that meet the water needs of the boarders. The school is served by both KPLC and Solar power although there is a large generator standby to ensure there is power at all times.

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